Thursday, November 10, 2011


Idk what to blog about, really just sitting in class listening to music (Headlines by Drake) and playing this lil driving game.think its called Carbon Auto Theft.. (hold up let me check.).. Yups. Thats what its called.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hot Boys?? How in da F@#% you don't know them?. Smh

So I was sitting in class one day, I was initially about to blog about Drake's lastest album leak ( "Take Care"), but instead one of my homeboys asked " Hot Boys? Who are them?". I responded back to him saying "What? How in the world do you not know them?" Well the Hot Boys are an orginial American all male group which included the nation most popular rap/hip hop artist known to man right now Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter Jr.), B.G. ( Christopher Dorsey), Juvenile ( Terius Gray), Turk (Tab Virgil Jr.) Birdman and Mannie Fresh. They released three albums in their career "Get It How U Live!”, “Guerrilla Warfare” and “Let ‘Em Burn”, according to Recently that have reunited. They have also performed in Lil Wayne world tour in 2009. To me thay are one of the best groups that americans was introduce to.